Installations Before & After

Piper Comanche

Cessna 180

Citation 501

V35 Bonanza

Skylane 182RG

210L Centurion

We designed and installed this custom panel for the Centurion.  Then, we added Gamin’s G500, GTN750, GMA35, GTX32, GAD43, and GDL69A.  We also installed A JPI EDM-930 engine monitor.

B35 Bonanza

We installed a D’Shannon replacement panel in the this Bonanza.  Then, we loaded it up with Gamin’s G500, GTN750, GTX330, and GMA340.  We also installed an S-TEC 55X autopilot, and JPI EDM-900 engine monitor.

B200 King Air

This King Air received Garmin’s new touchscreen GTN750, GTN650, GMA350, and GDL69A.  We also installed a new instrument panel to showcase the new equipment.

N35 Bonanza

We installed the 430W, 327, and GI-106A a few years ago.  This customer recently purchased a 696.  He absolutely loves this unit, and wanted it put in his panel.  This was the solution.  He has IFR charts, approach plates, XM weather, and a really BIG map at his fingertips.

King Air 200

This This King Air 200 received a 3 tube Chelton EFIS, Avidye EX-500 MFD, RDR-2000 Radar, XM Weather and Sirius Satellite Radio, WX-500 Stormscope, Digital Collins Control Heads, Skywatch, PMA-7000B Audio Panel, ADC-2000 Airdata Computer, and a new custom instrument panel.

Cherokee 6

This customer’s primary focus was updating the panel layout. We designed and installed a new custom panel with instrument light rings. This Cherokee Six also received a digital tachometer, PMA-7000B Audio Panel, KMD-150 Moving Map, and a MX-170B.

King Air 90

This King Air E90 received an Avidyne EX-500, RT-1201A Radar, XM Weather, Garmin GPS-400, and provisions for a NASA seat pack for tracking weather ballons. We also replaced the Pilot’s instrument panel, and completely stripped and refinished the rest of the panel.

King Air 200

This King Air B200 received a 2 tube Chelton EFIS, Garmin GMX-200 MFD, XM Weather, Skywatch, RS-811A Radar, and a new custom instrument panel. See video of this aircraft